Building confidence through cycling

A 3-6 week after-school program for riders 6-16 years old, iRide After-School programs are designed to teach intermediate cycling skills, build confidence and connect local youth with one another through the challenges of cycling.

iRide instructors are trained by the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) and undergo a background screening. Cycling BC’s iRide program subscribes to the Coaches Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaches Movement and follows the High Five: Healthy Child Development principles to help our instructors create an engaging and effective learning environment.

The program is designed for students who can already ride and exhibit level 2-5 abilities. Programs are designed and facilitated by local instructors, and often times numerous skill levels are welcome.

Getting Started

  • Lesson Plan

    Participants are split into working groups based on ability. Each session is designed to include one intermediate skill, a 30-45 minute bike ride on green or easy blue trails and a fun cycling game to re-enforce the day’s focus.  Fundamental concepts covered may include any of the following and will depend on the skill level of the group:

    • Brake Modulation & Descending
    • Riding features or in a group
    • Terrain Management and/or traffic awareness
    • Wheel lifts and hops
    • Dismounting & Remounting at speed
    • Bumping & Buzzing a partner
    • Using gears to master terrain change
    • Riding rollers and small drops
  • Instructors

    iRide After-School instructors are trained by the National Coaches Certification Program and accredited by Cycling BC’s iRide program. Each program is run by an event organizer who has applied for a grant from Cycling BC to access training, resources, and administrative support. There are two formats of delivery:

    • School Bike Club led by trained teachers (starts at school grounds)
    • Community program led by trained instructors (starts at a park or community centre)

    Each program requires at least 2 instructors present at all times and a participant ratio as follows:

    • 1:6 – riding Mountain Bike trails
    • 1:10 – riding on grass fields only
  • Cost Structure

    To help make cycling as accessible as possible, programs are priced by instructors to reflect the nature and demands of their community.  Moreover, Cycling BC provides coach liability insurance and teaching resources for all programs and this subsidy is reflected in the user cost.

    Programs are often available for $8-$12/session or $30-$75 dollars for a multi-week program.  Some programs also offer drop-in pricing (summer programs only).  All participants receive sports accident and liability insurance when purchasing a $15 Cycling BC Mini-Membership during registration. This calendar-year membership provides coverage during activities and access to KidsSport funding ($400/yr).

  • Financial Aid

    Families in need can apply for up to $400 per year in KidSport funding. Find your local chapter and apply today.

2021 after-school programs will be announced in February and updated throughout the year.

Questions? Please call 604-224-7433 (BC-iRide) or email [email protected]

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