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If you are interested in a career in either physical education, teaching, kinesiology, or cycling, starting out as an iRide Instructor is a great way to learn how to:

  • Connect with young people quickly
  • Create fun and effective learning environments
  • Prepare and facilitate a physical education activity

Each year, iRide trains over 20 new instructors to work with over 10,000 young people each year in British Columbia through in-school, after-school and summer camp programs.

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  • Upcoming Work Opportunities

    For 2020, Cycling BC’s iRide program is seeking the following positions for in-school and summer camp instructors.

    Region Months Day of Week


    Fraser Valley

    Metro Vancouver



    May – June

    May – June


    May – June

    July – August

    May – June







    In some areas, Cycling BC works with a local university co-op programs to create a 3-4 month work term. Job descriptions and applications are announced in January and/or February.

    If you are interested in helping at an iRide after-school program, please learn more here.

  • Instructor Training

    All iRide in-school instructors undergo training with the National Coaches Certification Program and orientation with iRide prior to working with school students. Once hired, instructors participate in the NCCP Community Coach training program, including on-demand, zoom and in-person modules. iRide Instructor Training involves an eLearning module and an in-person.

    • eLearning:
      • NCCP Cycling Foundations             (on-demand)  ($15)
      • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions    (variable)        ($75-$85)
      • NCCP Emergency Action Plan       (on-demand)  ($0)
      • iRide eLearning                                 (on-demand) ($20)
    • Facilitated:
      • NCCP Practice Planning                  (Zoom)            ($40)
      • NCCP Basic Cycling Skills               (In-Person)    ($100)
      • Ride Orientation                               (In-Person)    ($100)

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  • Application Requirements

    In-School and Summer Camp instructor requirements:

    • Must be 21 or older
    • All instructors must register and agree to the following:
      • Cycling BC Member in-good-standing ($65)
      • Background Screening
      • Abide to the Responsible Coaches Movement
      • Attend NCCP Training
      • Attend iRide Orientation
      • Attend weekly video call (30 minutes)
      • Submit a post-season report

    After-School Instructor Requirements:

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